A reminder that the fight for Australian Vaper’s Rights is not over

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Brian Marlow from Leagalise Vaping in Australia has sent emails today reminding us the there is still more to do before the laws change to restrict personal importation of liquid nicotine in January 2021. 

Australian vapers fighting funD

The movement to legalise vaping is growing rapidly! However, the forces against us are also building and Greg Hunt’s determination to enact this ban has only grown stronger.

Here is why we are fighting the vaping ban:

  • Vaping is a safe alternative to combustible tobacco (over 20,000 Aussies die every year due to smoking related illnesses)
  • Bans create black markets and could lead to dangerous alternatives and unintended consequences
  • Australians ought to have the right to choose if they wish to vape or not - this is not a decision for the government to make for us!

Health Minister Greg Hunt is attempting to enact this ban and prevent Aussie’s from using a safer alternative to tobacco.

Our organisation – Legalise Vaping Australia – has fought on the frontlines of this battle and prevented the ban from being enacted so far. But this short term victory is not enough - We must increase public pressure and grow our petition list to STOP the ban.

We need your help.

LVA is raising $100,000 to fight the vaping ban and collect signatures to tell Greg Hunt to back off! Please take action by making an online donation today!

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This is a winnable fight.

But it’ll never happen unless we have your support.

Please do not fail to take action while we can still win this fight, Tanya.

Brian Marlow

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