Jono’s Got a few words about the Atmizoo VapeSnail

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Big KUDOS to Jono. 

This legend wrote in with his PERFECT RECIPE for getting the best hits off the VapeSnail in his BilletBot - he even added a little video for our viewing pleasure too.

Hopefully we will get a flow up of his impressions of the Atmizoo DotShell next month. Until then enjoy this concoction and post comments below on your ideal setup for the VapeSnail.


Jono’s Review


I re-wicked the snail with the right amount of cotton imo and then DID NOT saturate the wicks before assembly of the snail.

Pretty much the first time I have ever tried the concept of letting an RBA/RTA wick on like a sub coil.

I filled the snail and gave it 5 minutes to wick on. Couple of priming draws and hit it at 41w.

The video was taken after maybe 2 hits and adjusting to 44w. Anyone who knows me knows that crackle is golden.

No dry hits. Perfect flavour. Bubble city in the wicking department.

I recommend trying no pre priming for anyone who seems to get "dump on first fill" and similar issues.

Very happy with the results. Dense and saturated flavour. Hasn't been left under-wicked at all. 

Just thought I would share the experience.

Build is a 28g*3/36g n80 alien 5.5 wrap at .28ohm @ 44w in the video.

Snail chimney restrictor removed for DL mode and second biggest deck insert.


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