💥💥 RED ALERT: Potential ban on nicotine imports 💥💥

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Saturday the Sydney Morning Herald announced that the Government is planning to crack down on vaping products coming into Australia, including potential bans on importing the nicotine that vapers need for our vapes in order to stay off cigarettes!

Forget stopping drugs, guns, people smugglers, illicit cigarettes or even CORONAVIRUS at the border, according to the Government: VAPERS are now PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1.

Find your senator's office number below and tell them you oppose the vaping crack down! MAKE A CALL TO SAVE A LIFE!

Senator Antic: (02) 6277 3464

Senator Stoker: (02) 6277 3457

Senator Bragg: (02) 6277 3479

Senator McKenzie: (02) 6024 2560

Senator Smith: (02) 6277 3404

Senator Abetz: (02) 6277 3019

Senator Hughes: (02) 6277 3610

Senator Lambie: (02) 6277 3614

Senator McGrath: (02) 6277 3076

Senator Paterson: (02) 6277 3719

Senator Roberts: (02) 6277 3694

Senator Canavan: (02) 6277 3163

Senator Hanson: (02) 6277 3184

If these plans, pushed by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt succeed, it could mean the end of vaping in Australia as we know it. The time to fight back and fight for your right to vape is right now! We need you to take action today. Call the Senators listed above and light up their phone lines.

The time to stand up and let the government know that you want to be heard! We need you to call your local Federal MP and every Senator in your state to let them know how you feel. They are in Canberra to represent you, so tell them what you really think.


1. Call all your these Senators and demand action!

2. Post a video of yourself calling their office on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to tag them in the post as well as #WeVapeWeVote and #LegaliseVapingAustralia

The team at Legalise Vaping Australia will be posting more information over the coming hours and days, so please make sure you stay informed, stay alert and stay motivated.
This is our time to fight back once and for all!

Courtesy of Legalise Vaping Australia

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