Pod System Giving You Weak Hits? Here’s What to Do

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When you use a pod vaping system, you expect strong hits – especially if you fill it with a high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid. Since pod systems tend to produce small vapour clouds, though, you really notice when your device doesn’t generate the same volume of vapour as usual. Thankfully, pod systems are also simple enough that they’re relatively easy to troubleshoot when they don’t operate as they should.

This guide will help you fix weak hits with all of the most common refillable pod systems, such as:

  • Uwell KOKO
  • Purge Ally
  •  Vaporesso Xtra
  • SV Mi-Pod
  • VooPoo VINCI Air
  • Vaporesso Aurora Play
  • Joyetech TEROS One
  • VooPoo VINCI X
  • Vaporesso Osmal
  • VooPoo Drag Nano
  • Artery Pal Pro 2
  • VooPoo VINCI VW
  • Vaporesso Renova Zero
  • Zeltu X
  • Artery Pal 2
  • GeekVape Aegis Pod
  • Suorin Drop
  • VooPoo Drag Nano
  • Artery Pal SE
  • GeekVape Aegis Boost
  • Suorin Air
  • Lost Vape Prana

These tips also apply to pod systems with pre-filled pods, such as the JUUL.

So, are you tired of getting weak hits with your pod system? Let’s fix it.

Charge Your Battery Fully

The first thing that you should do when getting weak hits out of your pod system is charge the battery fully. Some pod systems have regulated output, which means that their vapour production is relatively stable until their batteries are nearly dead.

Other devices, however, have direct voltage output, which means that their vapour production declines steadily as you use them. The benefit of direct voltage output is that you’ll get very impressive clouds when the battery is fully charged. The drawback is that you’ll need to charge the battery more often to maintain that level of vapour production.

Replace the Pod if It’s Old

One of the benefits of having a device with refillable pods is the fact that you can typically refill a pod several times before you need to throw it away and start using a new one. If you’re really trying to stretch the life of your pods, though, you’re going to notice that their vapour production will start to decline after several refills. That’s especially true if you use e-liquid sweetened with sucralose. Sweetened e-liquid creates a residue that sticks to your device’s atomizer coil and thickens – hampering vapour production – over time. If you’re getting weak hits after reusing the same pod several times, it’s probably time for a new pod.

Knock Air Bubbles Out of Your Pod

A typical vape pod has two small wicks at the bottom. The wicks absorb e-liquid from the pod’s reservoir and bring it into the atomizer coil assembly. Air also passes through the atomizer coil assembly as you vape, and sometimes, the air flowing through the pod’s atomizer coil and chimney will cause bubbles to form around the outsides of the pod’s wicks. When that happens, e-liquid will stop flowing efficiently to the pod’s atomizer coil. If a bubble covers one of the pod’s two wicks, you’ll get weak hits because the atomizer coil will only receive half of the e-liquid it usually does. If both wicks develop bubbles, the device may stop producing vapour entirely.

Thankfully, getting rid of air bubbles in a vape pod isn’t difficult. The easiest way to break the bubbles is by tapping the pod gently on a table. If that doesn’t work, you can also squeeze the sides of the pod to force air through the pod’s atomizer coil assembly. Give the wicks a moment to get wet again before you resume vaping.

Blow Excess E-Liquid Out of the Pod

Do you have a tendency to puff a little too firmly when you vape? You’ll always get the biggest vapour clouds when you inhale gently. If you use so much air pressure that you break the pod’s internal vacuum, the incoming air will force excess e-liquid to enter the pod’s atomizer coil assembly. The excess e-liquid will cause gurgling, leaking and weak hits. If you consistently find a pool of e-liquid when removing the pod from your vaping device, there’s a good chance that you’re inhaling too firmly.

If you’re getting weak hits from your pod system and hearing a gurgling sound when you vape, excess e-liquid is clogging the pod’s chimney. Removing that e-liquid will cause some waste, so don’t try to fix it until the pod is nearly empty. To remove the e-liquid from the pod’s chimney, remove the pod from your device and blow firmly through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel over the pod’s air intake vents. The e-liquid will exit the pod through the intake vents. At that point, you can refill the pod and resume using it.

Block an Airflow Vent for Warmer Vapour and Increased Air Pressure

Most pod systems have automatic firing mechanisms, which means that they generate vapour when you inhale. With some devices, you may occasionally experience unreliable firing – which leads to weak hits – because the device fails to register the air pressure generated by your puffs. If your device’s indicator light sometimes doesn’t come on when you inhale – or it flickers on and off – it might be time to purchase a new vaping device.

In the meantime, though, you need to get as much as you can out of the device that you have – and one easy way to do that is by using your finger to partially block one of the pod’s airflow vents when you puff. That increases the pressure of the air flowing through the pod, which may help your device’s puff sensor work more reliably. Reducing the amount of air flowing through the pod will also make the vapor warmer, thus causing your pod system to hit harder.

Reduce Your Vaping Pace

Many pod vaping systems have built-in temperature limiting features that help to prevent dry hits. If e-liquid isn’t flowing consistently to the pod’s atomizer coil, the device reduces its operational wattage to prevent the atomizer coil from overheating. That’s why you’ll get weak hits if your pod develops air bubbles over the wicks. Your device’s temperature protection may also kick in if you vape so heavily that your pod’s wicks don’t have adequate time to re-saturate between puffs. You’ll get the best, most satisfying hits if your pod’s atomizer coil is wet, so wait several seconds after each puff.

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