What it’s like to switch from smoking to Vaping

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What Is It Like to SwitchFrom Smoking to Vaping? One Person’s Story

Quitting smoking is an enormous decision for anyone. If you’ve been smoking long enough to become addicted to nicotine, you know that quitting is going to be a pretty major life change. You also know that it isn’t going to be easy – especially if you’ve used over-the-counter quit aids likegums and patches and found that they weren’t satisfying enough tofully handle your cravings.

You’ve heard about vaping, and it almost sounds too good to be true. Is it really possible thatan e-cigarette could replace conventional cigarettes so perfectly thatyou can simply switchand become tobacco free without even feeling like you’re doing anything differently?It almost sounds too good to be true.Could vaping really make it that easy to quit smoking?

As you’re about to learn, the answer isn’t so simple.Every person who quits smoking successfully has a slightly different journey, and this is simply one person’s story.

What’s the Best Way to Quit SmokingWith Vaping?

Some people start vaping while still continuing to smoke cigarettes.The idea is that, since you’re still getting nicotine when you vape, the fact that you’re vaping will naturally reduce your desire to smoke, thus causing you to reduce your consumption of cigarettesnaturally.The problem, though, is that many of the people who set out to do that don’t actually end up eliminating smoking from their lives completely.They’ll certainly smoke fewer cigarettes than they once did, but they never quite manage to eliminate tobacco from their lives.

What worked for me wasmaking the decision that, as soon as my first e-cigarette kit arrived in the mail, I was going tostop smoking entirely. I was determined that, no matter what, I was going to make vaping work for me.I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also knew that, since I hadn’t been able to quit successfully with traditional nicotine replacement products, vaping was really the only chance that I had. I could either quit, or I could accept that quitting was never going to happen for me. I decided that I was going to quit.

Why Did My Decision Work?

There are actually some fairly logical reasonsbehind my opinion that it’s better to switch fully to vaping than to vape and smoke concurrently.The first reason is something that you probably already know. With vaping, you’re inhaling your nicotine rather than absorbing it through the mucus membranes as you do with nicotine gum or lozenges.The nicotine reaches your bloodstream more quickly, so you actually feel the same type of “rush” that you feel when you smoke.Vaping is the only alternative form of nicotine consumption that actually feels comparable to smoking, and that’s why it has worked for so many people.

Thesecond reason why I think it’s better to stop smoking completely when you get your first vaping device is becauseyour first e-cigarette is something new and novel.It’s a completely different type of gadget that you’ve never used before.With the right mindset, you can make the switch to vaping something that’s fun and exciting.If you continue smoking after getting your first vaping device, though, you’re not going to havesomething else with that sense of novelty attached to it when you want to finallycut the cigarettes out for good. I think the novelty can make the switch to vaping much easier.

Next, I’d like to talk about the two biggest questions that are probably on your mindif you’ve never vaped before. What doesvaping taste like, and what does it feel like?

What Does Vaping Taste Like?

Let’s get the biggest thing out of the way first. You are never going to find an e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette. It just doesn’t exist.Thetaste of an e-liquid comes from a combination offood-grade flavourings,and you aren’t going to find a food flavouringthat matches the complexity of tobacco smoke.

The good news, however, is that you also aren’tgoing to have to deal with the harsh pungency ofsmoke. Let’s be completely honest here. Did youreally likethe flavour when you smoked a cigarette for the first time, or was it actually the nicotine rush that you liked? My guess is that most peoplelike the nicotine rush so much that they force themselves to tolerate the taste of the smoke.As soon as yousee what it’s like to disconnect the satisfaction of the nicotine from the harshness of the smoke,you’regoing to lose interest in trying to find an e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette.

After you’ve been vaping for a couple of weeks, you might experience a moment of weakness and buy a pack of cigarettes. When that happens, I can almost guarantee that you will absolutely hate the waythose cigarettes taste.

If you’re a menthol cigarettesmoker, there’s going to be a special surprise in store for you when you switch to vaping.While an e-liquid can’t replicate the taste of tobacco, it can definitely replicate the flavour and sensationof menthol because menthol is exactly the same regardless ofwhether it’s in an e-liquid or a cigarette. The chilly rush of mentholin the throat feels even nicer when it’s there for its own sake instead of being added to cover the harshness of smoke.

So, what doesvaping taste like? The answer is that vaping can taste like almost anything you can imagineexcept a cigarette.Fruit flavours, dessert flavours, beverage flavours – e-liquid can do it all because the flavouring agents used in e-liquid are the sameas those used in the food industry. Vaping tastes far, far better than smoking a cigarette could ever taste.

What Does It Feel Like to Switch to Vaping?

When you vape, youfeel thenicotine hit your throat as you inhale the vapour. You also feel the nicotine in your body when it enters your bloodstream.You even exhale a visible cloud that looks like smoke. So, in those ways, vaping feels just like smoking.Onceyou get past the first few days,vaping is going to feel exactly the same to you as smoking once did.

The first few days, though,are when you’re really going to feel how different smoking and vaping are from one another.You get nicotine when you vape, but you don’t get the thousands of other chemicals that cigarette smoke contains.Those chemicals do some strange things to the body. They mess with your brain’s reward systems,reinforcing the addictiveness of tobacco.You’ll still get your nicotine when you switch to vaping, but you’re probably not going to feel entirely normal for the first few days.

The best advice I can give you is to stick with it and ensure that you choose a suitably high nicotine strength for your first vape kit or bottle of e-liquid.Although you may not feel quite like yourself for those first few days,it’s not going to feel anything like quitting smoking with standard nicotine replacement products because you’ll still feel the rush that goes along with inhaling the nicotine.If you get through those first few days, you’ll be golden – but don’t feel too bad about yourself if you happen to break down and buy a pack of cigarettes at some point during your transition. Almost everyone does – and that’s when they discover that they never actually liked smoking that much in the first place.

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