Ivanna is turning 1

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Wow! Has it been really a year since Ivanna Vape first opened the doors to our comfy Vape Emporium.

So many highs and lows tied together in 12 months that now sees us reaching new height thanks to our amazing customers. We really do have the best people visiting our store either in person or online. I love reading the emails from you all and hope you still keep them coming. We are so keen to hear your ideas on subjects to add to our IVlog or instructional tidbits. Maybe if your super adventurous you can even send us pictures and clips of anything vape related.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are giving away BIRTHDAY CARDS each with their own unique code you can enter at checkout to redeem. Unfortunately Shopify support the ability to reveal your codes discount description and as much as i tried, I couldn’t figure out how to get a validation box happening on the birthday page. If you have any issues please don't hesitate to send an email with your code to ME

Ivanna Vape Sydney Birthday discount voucher

Again, (i love to reiterate), BIG THANK YOU to all of my awesome customers that helped propel us through the toughest 52 weeks most Australian small businesses have seen in eons. I am hugging you all tightly through the screen right now 💓 


Ivanna Vape   💋 💋 💋 

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