Swag vs Drag - but really about the Swag PX80

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Review muddled with comparison of the Vaporesso Swag PX80 and VooPoo Drag X

The theme for 2021 looks to be Mini, with the upcoming release of the dotAIO Mini, QP Design Juggerknot Mini Remastered, and a million more pod variations.

One of the stand outs for me when it comes to the small-but-mighty releases is the the Vaporesso Swag PX80.

To be honest, i have too many devices at my disposal and rarely decide to road test another, yet the Swag PX80 i fell in love with straight out of the box.

The excuse i used was trialling Vaporesso’s foray into the Pod Mod world. It follows the trend we have seen since VooPoo releases the PnP Pod Tank on the Drag S and other major brands have followed suit.

I love my Drag X and have it with me for full comparison of the atomisers and coils.

Both take a 18650 cell the difference in design is the Swag is more box mod shaped to the stick Drag. No winners there its just a personal preference although the Swag appears more petite. Both have leather styling and a screen, the Drag has more bumps and bigger buttons to the sleek finish on the Swag PX80, the screen placement on the Swag really piqued my fancy. It is sexily hidden away on the side panel, at first when i was examining the the mod i thought the carbon fibre finish had a fault with design - turns out it illuminates with all the info you need to be a happy little vaper once battery was inserted.
Battery goes into the Swag nipple down and held in with a twist top cap on the top, unlike the usual trap door at the bottom. Again its personal but i prefer the Swag battery closure and placement - no accidental opening, door mechanism breaking, no liquid seeping down effecting the cell.
Pod Tank atomisers - love ‘em or hate ‘em - we will save that for another piece. Focusing on the features of both Vaporesso Swag Pod Tank and VooPoo Drag PnP Tank (I havent tried the TPP version yet), I find I’m favouring the Swag again in all but a few areas.

The Swag Pod Tank is sleek, much like the mod it fits onto beautifully. The coil sits flush with the bum of the atomiser unlike the protruding PnP coil sticking out of its competitor. I really dislike juice seepage and the swag tank goes way beyond to prevent this mess.
How do i retrieve the GTX coil that’s plugged in flat of the Swag Tank? So easy! The top of the Swag atty are printed padlocks - not for adjusting airflow like I first thought, you simply twist the mouth piece to unlock position and push down releasing the coil straight into your bin, no mess, no fuss. A new coil can then be inserted and mouth piece turned to lock it in.
Downside for me was the airflow. I love the sliding lever on the Drag and not so much having to twist the pod for airflow control with the Swag Pod. It’s just too flimsy and does let the whole design down, as a few times its been nudged shut.

Overall winner. Swag PX80.

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