The atomiser is arguably the most important part of your vaping setup because it contains the heating wire that makes it possible for your vaping device to generate vapour. Without an atomiser, you can’t vape! If you want to have a great vaping experience, it’s crucial that you select the right tank or rebuildable atomiser for your needs. Here’s how to choose between the two types of atomisers.

Tank Atomiser

A vaping tank has a pre-built atomiser coil that’s easy to replace. You’ll fill the tank and vape, and the e-liquid will travel from the tank to the atomiser coil through a cotton wick. You’ll be able to refill the tank several times before the flavour begins to change. When you’re no longer happy with your vaping experience, you’ll replace the coil by twisting it out and twisting in a new one. Modern vaping tanks can produce enormous vapour clouds, and they’re very easy to use. Find replacement vape coils here.

Rebuildable Atomiser

A rebuildable atomiser is a platform that allows you to build your own vaping coils from resistance wire and cotton. If you’re an experienced vaper, you may prefer rebuildable atomizers because they make it possible for you to build coils to your exact specifications. Coil building supplies are also extremely inexpensive compared to buying boxes of pre-made coils. We recommend buying a rebuildable atomiser only if you already have plenty of vaping experience. Find coil building supplies here.