Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Lips is a superb company that offers a variety of funky flavours. The Bad Drip Lab thinks outside the box when it comes to designing flavours. Their unique persona, and distinct flavour profile has earned them the trust of vapers across the globe. Each flavour under the flag of Bad Drip Labs not only has a great flavour but has a great art and persona to it. Such close attention to every detail and unique collection of flavour makes them a must try for all vaping enthusiast. The bad Drip labs has some stunning flavours in form of bad blood and bad butter that are testament to its quality and uniqueness. The quality of ingredients is another aspect that would make you fall in love with it.  If you wish to unleash your funky side then there is no better option for you than Bad Drip Labs flavours. Bad Drip Labs has a great flavour profile that every vaper should explore.