How to pick the best battery for your vaping needs

Size Matters!

Most Mods will only fit the size battery it is intended to use and it is strongly recommended to use only the size specified for your device.

In some cases multiple smaller batteries can be stacked to fit in a device. Battery stacking should be avoided. Stacking batteries increases the batteries voltage and can cause the batteries or the device to fail.


It’s all in the name

Using an authentic battery from a reputable brand will ensures your battery will operate safely and as intended within its rated specifications. Your safety matters, so we recommend the following 18650 battery brands: Sony, Efest, Samsung, and Golisi. Other reputable brands include Panasonic and LG. Using low quality batteries runs the risk of damaging your device and potentially injuring you and others. A little extra money spent on quality batteries can save a lot of money and headache in the long run. Our top recommendations form18650 are Sony VTC5a, Samsung 25r and Golisi S26v
Battery Safety Guide - please follow the link to view this vital information on best practices to keeping you and devices safe when using external batteries in your vape mod.
**Ivanna Vape promotes the safe disposal of all batteries, you can find an Australian battery disposal location near you through one on the following linksplanet ark 
Century Yusa

Battery World
Officeworks (some stores)