Rebuildable Atomisers

After a single coil flavour banger? Or the mammoth clouds you get from a dual coil atty creates?

Ivanna Vape pride ourselves from having the best of the best in Rebuildable atomisers.

Get you QP design Fatality or Gata. 

Try our DotMod RDA Single coil (with Trinity Glass Cap)

A rebuildable atomiser is simply an atomiser that requires the coils and wick to be made by hand instead of using replacement coil assemblies.

They are chosen by many because of their increased flavour and vapour production. Additionally, rebuildables tend to be far more efficient at vapourising e-liquid, and as a result, many find they can significantly lower their nicotine levels by using a rebuildable. Prebuilt coils are very cost-effective lasting months with proper care only requiring the wick (cotton) to be refreshed.

There are two main kinds of rebuildable atomizer:

1. Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs)

2. Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs or RBAs)