A starter kit contains everything you need to get vaping, with the exception of juice and batteries, if the POD or MOD kit doesn’t contain an internal recharable battery.

The POD kit can be classified further, especially with the popular MODPODs that are gaining popularity and AIO (All-In-One) styled off the Billet Box. Trending also is the release of PRO or SE versions that are larger than their sister variant but use a single 18650 battery. You can read why this option outweighs the internal Li-on devices.


It ultimately is a personal preference. Aspects you can consider to help you decide would be size, battery life, maintenance, preference of vaping style - either MTL restricted, tighter draw more akin to a cigarette or DTL (direct to lung) an airy inhale the produces more vapour. 

Ivanna Vape has a large selection of all various styles available both in store or online, if you would like further assistance in deciding upon a kit, especially if you are new to vaping we encourage you to contact us during store trading hours on 0420385941 or via messenger linked to our Facebook page.