Get Nic’d

One of the most challenging aspects of vaping in Australia isthe fact that Australian law classifies liquid nicotine as a dangerous poison. It is therefore illegaltobuy or sell liquid nicotine in Australia unless you have a doctor’s prescription and are buying it from a compounding pharmacy.

Don’t lose hope!It’s still possible for you to buy e-liquid with nicotine, but you’ll need to import it by buying from a company that ships e-liquid to Australia from New Zealand, Europe, the United States or elsewhere.

How Do I Buy Liquid Nicotine in Australia?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration Personal Importation Scheme makes it legal for you to importliquid nicotine for personal use. You can simply import plain, unflavoured liquid nicotine and add it tothe bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid that you buy from Ivanna Vape. Not sure how much nicotine to add to an e-liquid? Thise-liquid calculator can help, oryou can contact us for advice.

How to Comply With the TGA Personal Importation Scheme

To comply with the TGA Personal Importation Scheme, you’ll need to do the following:

Obtain adoctor’s prescriptionfor liquid nicotine.Complying with the Personal Importation Scheme means that you’ll be importing nicotinefor therapeutic purposes,and you’ll want to have your prescription handy when receiving shipments.
Import no morethan athree month’s supply of liquid nicotine at a time.
Import no more than a15-month’s supply of liquid nicotine per year.

Learn More About Australian Vaping Laws and Find a Doctor

Learn more about Australia’s vaping laws at theAustralian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association website.ATHRA is actively seeking doctorswho are willing to learn about vaping and write prescriptions for therapeutic nicotine. If you have trouble finding a doctorto write your prescription, ATHRA may be able to help.

Which Type of Nicotine Should I Choose?

Nicotine for e-liquid comes in two forms:freebase nicotine andnicotine salt.You can add whatever form of nicotine you like to your e-liquids. Generally, though, people use nicotine salt with pod systems and freebase nicotine with mods.

Almost all nicotine liquid for e-liquid isfreebase nicotine.This type of nicotinegenerally provides the best vaping experience at nicotine strengths ranging from 3-18 mg.
Nicotine salt e-liquidcontains an acid that lowers its pH and makes it smoother to inhale at higher nicotine strengths. This type of nicotine generally provides the best vaping experience at nicotine strengths ranging from 25-50 mg. Nicotine strengths in this rangearen’t suitable forpowerful vaping devices. They’re only suitable for small devices such as pod systems.
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