Maintaining your Vaape - the ultimate guide

Maintaining Your Vape: The Ultimate Guide

When you buy a vaping device, you’re buying a product that can conceivably last a very long time – especially if the device has replaceable batteries. If you want to get that kind of longevity out of your vape, though, you’ve got to do your part by maintaining the device. This is our ultimate guide to maintaining your vape. In this guide, we’ll discuss what you can do to keep any type of vaping device working its best and operating in a safe manner. We’ll also provide some general advice that can help you resolve some of the most common problems that you might encounter with your vaping device. Let’s begin! How to Maintain a Vape Mod or Vape Pen How to Charge a Vape Mod Virtually all vape mods and vape pens have the ability to charge via USB, even if their batteries are removable. Unless the manufacturer of your vaping device supplies a wall adapter for that device, you should charge it by connecting it to your computer’s USB port. If you decide to charge your device with a wall adapter rather than your computer, make sure that the wall adapter supplies the correct charging amperage. Most vaping devices expect to receive a 1.0-amp charging current. Don’t ever attempt to charge a vaping device with the wall adapter for a mobile phone or tablet. Modern mobile devices have batteries that can handle high-speed charging without overheating. Your vaping device doesn’t have that capability. Even if a fast-charge adapter doesn’t cause the device to overheat, it’ll almost certainly shorten the lifespan of the battery. How to Clean a Vape Mod Cleaning a vape mod is generally incredibly simple; just wipe away dust and fingerprints using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. The only time that you might encounter a bit of a challenge when cleaning your mod is if you remove the tank and find a pool of e-liquid inside the device’s threading. Most vaping devices aren’t completely waterproof, so if your tank leaks, you need to clean your mod as quickly as possible to prevent the e-liquid from entering the device’s internal electronics. Twist a paper towel into a triangular shape that’s narrow enough to push into your mod’s threading. Insert the paper towel and twist it around to absorb the spilled e-liquid. How to Maintain a Pod Vaping System Clean the Contacts Regularly A pod vaping system is so small and light that it practically begs to be carried in your pocket. When you do that, though, you’re bound to get pocket lint and other debris stuck in the device’s charging contacts. If the pins on the charger can’t touch the contacts on the device, you’ll experience slow charging or no charging – so keep those contacts clean. If your pod system has a magnetic charging dock, the device most likely has recessed charging plates on the bottom. You can clean those by scraping the lint out with a toothpick. Clean the pins on the charging dock using a cotton swab slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. Charge Your Device With the Pod Removed One of the most important things that you can do to ensure the long-term health of your pod system is to prevent leaking as much as possible and address leaks promptly when they do happen. To help prevent leaks, charge your device with the pod removed. When a vape pod is left on its side for several hours, e-liquid will tend to seep through the atomizer coil and flow out of the pod’s airflow vents. If that happens, you don’t want it to happen while the pod is inside the device. How to Fix Gurgling With a Pod System When your pod system gurgles, it’s usually because excess e-liquid has found its way into the atomizer coil assembly. That generally happens because you’re using too much air pressure when puffing on the device. You can avoid drawing extra e-liquid into the pod by using only the amount of air pressure needed to get the device to start producing vapour. To get the excess e-liquid out, wait until the pod is empty and remove it from the device. Blow through the top of the pod while holding a paper towel over the bottom. When the gurgling stops, the pod is ready to use. How to Fix Weak Hits With a Pod System If you look inside a vape pod, you’ll usually see a pair of wicks extending from a centre air channel. The wicks bring e-liquid from the pod to the atomizer coil. Sometimes, though, air can escape the pod’s centre channel, causing bubbles to form around the wicks. If that happens, you’ll get weak hits or dry hits with your pod system. Tap the pod gently to break the bubbles. Are you still getting weak hits? Charge the battery fully. If the problem continues, it’s time to replace the pod. What to Do if Your Pod System Leaks If you have a pod that leaks e-liquid while it’s inside your device, you must address the issue promptly to prevent the e-liquid from damaging the device’s internal components. • Remove the pod from the device. Use a cotton swab to remove the e-liquid from the device’s pod chamber. • Hold the device upside down. Blow through the bottom of the device while holding a paper towel over the top. If the device works at this point, the leak probably didn’t result in damage to the device. • If the device doesn’t work, seal it in a plastic bag with some dry rice or desiccant packets. Wait a day before trying to use the device again. How to Maintain Your Vape Tank Routine Vape Tank Maintenance The most important thing that you can do to maintain your vape tank is to give it a good rinse in the sink each time you replace your coil. If you do that, you’ll never need to worry about giving the tank a deep cleaning; a brief rinse is all that’s necessary to remove ordinary contaminations like lip gunk, pocket lint and e-liquid residue. Dry the tank before refilling it. How to Fix a Leaking Vape Tank If you have a leaking vape tank, the most likely cause of the problem is incorrect assembly. When the tank is empty, disassemble it and rinse away any remaining e-liquid. Check the tank’s gaskets or o-rings for tearing and warping. Almost every vape tank includes a set of replacement gaskets, making it possible for you to easily replace any components that show signs of wear. Reassemble the tank carefully, making sure that all of the threads turn smoothly. If you have trouble getting two parts to screw together easily, it’s likely that the threads are crossed. Back the components up and try again. If you try to force crossed threads together, you’ll damage the threading and will most likely end up with a leaking tank. If the tank is assembled properly – and the threads aren’t over-tightened – you shouldn’t experience leaks. How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer Did you know that the coil in a vape tank or pod can potentially last weeks if it’s handled properly? If you aren’t getting the expected longevity out of your coils, you can resolve that problem with two easy steps. • Minimize your usage of heavily sweetened e-liquids. Sucralose – the sweetener that most e-liquid companies use – leaves a film on your atomizer coil. The film builds up over time, eventually becoming thick and dark. The film alters the flavour of your e-liquid and shortens the life of your coil. If you notice a burnt sugar taste after a day or two of using a new coil, you’re using e-liquid with sucralose. • Keep your atomizer coil wet. Keep your tank or pod full and ensure that you’re not vaping at an overly high wattage. If you vape with a coil that isn’t completely wet, you can potentially burn the coil’s cotton wick. Once cotton is burned, it’s burned forever, and there’s no way to fix the flavour of a coil after that happens. How to Clean Your Vape Coils If you have a tank or pod system with a removable atomizer coil, it may be possible for you to make your coils last longer by cleaning them when they start to get gunky. To clean a coil, immerse it in a bath of vodka or hot water for a day. Swish the coil around periodically while you soak it. After soaking the coil, remove it from the cleaning solution and rinse it. Allow the coil to dry completely before you resume using it. In some cases, you can clean a coil several times before it’s time to throw it away. How to Maintain Vape Batteries Charge Your Batteries Correctly As we mentioned above, you should only charge a vaping device with the included charging cable or dock. If you use a USB wall adapter, you should only use it if you’re certain it delivers the charging current that your device expects to receive. A vaping device usually expects a 1-amp charging current, but you need to confirm that by checking the device’s instruction manual. Don’t ever charge a vaping device with a tablet or mobile phone charger. If your device has removable batteries, you can charge those batteries in a high-quality standalone battery charger like this one. Remember that you can’t charge your vape batteries in a charger designed for standard household AA and similar batteries. The charger must be able to detect and work with the chemistry of the battery that you’re trying to charge. Don’t Use Damaged Batteries If you use a vaping device with removable batteries, there’s a bit of responsibility involved in ensuring that you handle those batteries correctly. The first thing you need to know is that you should never use a battery with any sign of physical damage. If a battery has a dent or bulge, it has internal damage and must be taken out of service and recycled. If a battery has a tear in the wrapper – even a small one – you must stop using it and replace the wrapper. If you’re not confident replacing the wrapper yourself, either find someone who can do it for you or recycle the battery. The wrapper helps to prevent a short circuit by stopping other metal objects from touching the battery’s conductive outer enclosure. Don’t Carry Vape Batteries in Your Pocket The only way to transport a vape battery safely is by placing it in a padded carrier that protects the battery from damage and prevents it from touching other metal objects. You should never carry a vape battery in your pocket because, in that case, the probability of a short circuit is too high. If a battery touches other metal objects – like keys or loose change – it can cause a fire in your pocket. A vape battery stores a massive amount of power in a small package, and it is absolutely crucial that you always transport your batteries in a safe manner.