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It’s a hot topic in our tight knit community, we are facing restrictions of our liberty; Our right to chose. Many Vapers have their own stories giving up cigarettes through the use of this technology, e-cigarettes have provided a solution where other methods failed. The benefits to our health is something we can testify to, without needing a plethora of studies proving to us our bodies have appreciated the switch.
We love the social aspect, the support you find is without comparison to any remedy peddled in a pharmacy. The fashion and the evolution of the e-cigarette has had something of a cult status growing rapidly as I believe we rejoice in the freedom of still being with our human vices, yet having less of a toxic effect on ourselves and those around us. 
Sadly we find that those in power, the dictators in our democratic country are tightening laws to limit the supply of nicotine e-liquid used by many as a step to reduce dependency, and I question their reasoning behind such moves. Surely regulating this substance would reduce the supply of black market prefilled pods. These have more potential to harm than allowing for reasonable access to supply.
Our community is also fighting a flavour war, the hypothesis of these lawmakers is that restriction of additives that provide the taste and aroma of our vape to purely tobacco will curb a supposed epidemic of underaged vapers. Again, this could be better approached through regulation and support.. 

‘Below are links to the organisations that carry our voices, we can help by donating funds to support their works or by sharing our story. We also can help by staying informed of the facts regarding vaping to assist with smoking cessation and you will find a wealth of knowledge from the sources acknowledged below. 

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ATHRA - https://athra.org.au

Legalise Vaping - https://www.legalisevaping.com.au


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