510 Stabwood Drip Tip

Smooth stabilised wood band around a stainless steel base with double silicone o-rings to hold it snuggly onto your atomiser.


A wide opening and short in height, the stabilised wood drip tip is a great feature to any atomiser that can fit a 510 style tip.

The Stabilized wood is safe and rinses clean in warm water Although, please note - prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the band of stabwood to swell and separate from the stainless steel inner bore.

The double o-rings assure the driptip stays securely in place.

As is the unique nature of stabilised wood, variation in both colour and pattern are expected and the pictures displayed are only used as a guide.


Dimensions: H 15.6ww x W9.5mm (outer diameter)

Bore diameter: 5mm wide

Material composition: stabilised wood, stainless steel and silicone


1 x 510 drip tip in screw top case