Directors Cut E-Liquid 60mL

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Doll of the Malevolent is the flavor of wild melon, pear, and bubblegum. Tropical fruits adjusted with saccharine extracts for a tart and sweetly delicious E-Liquid experience and one of a kind taste profile that is sure to flabbergast.


The Devil Inside

A corruptly sweet watermelon and lavish vape that detonates with delicious organic product goodness. Devilishly sweet with simply the perfect measure of tangy green apples and mixed berries, it hits the greater part of the spots on the tongue.


The Lost One

A yummy and mouth-watering blue raspberry treat vape enhance that will fulfill your sweet tooth.


The Lost One Cold Blooded

A rendition of a lip-smacking, sweet and tart blue raspberry candy with a cool menthol finish


My Undead Girlfriend

A dangerously fruity spectacle. It comprises of a mix of fresh apples, sweet strawberries, and tart pineapple, resembling a tropical punch hard treat that conveys a wonderful sugary wrap-up.


Nancey's New Nightmare

A warm, fulfilling kind of a Belgian waffle that resembles a soothing embrace for your taste buds. When you finish that waffle off with gooey salted caramel and toasted pecans and hazelnuts, you have a liberal treat that fulfills each hankering.  


75VG/25PG ratio