Black Note

Black Note E-Liquid 30mL RTV Natural flavour extracts

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Concerto Pleasant & Aromatic - High-quality cigar tobacco delivers flavour notes that range from slightly sweet to mildly spicy, all harmonised with rich and subtle smoky undertones. It grows best in a moist, tropical climate.


Encore Isfahani Blend - The unique taste of Encore comes from Isfahani tobacco. Grown high in the mountains of central Iran, this variety produces thick leaves packed with flavour. These are sun-dried in the traditional way, then put through Black Note ™s flavour extraction process. The result is a complex and exotic vape that will remind you why pipe smokers have prized Isfahani tobacco for almost 200 years.

Encore mesmerises the senses with a uniquely robust yet slightly sweet, honey-like flavour distinctive to the Ajami Tombac grown in Isfahan, Iran. The oriental environment gives rise to a complex, aromatic experience generated by the release of a rich bouquet of resins and ethereal oils. Ajami has been a delight of taste and aroma for centuries one you ™ll want to savour again and again.


Forte Rich and Smooth - Burley tobacco provides a rich, smooth experience in this crowd favourite. Cultivated on the foothills of Italian volcano Vesuvius, the tobacco is sun-ripened, shade-cooled and bursting with full-bodied flavour.


Legato Earthy and Nutty - Kentucky is an aromatic tobacco with a characteristic nutty flavour, and Legato captures this perfectly. Beginning with selected leaves grown in Tuscany “ despite the name, the best Kentucky tobacco comes from Italy “ which are flue-cured to develop their natural taste to perfection. The tobacco is steeped for six weeks, before the extraction process collects and purifies the concentrated flavour. The result is an incredible eliquid “ smooth, sophisticated and complex, with a whole symphony of mingling earthy notes.


Prelude Savoury and Bright - Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy plains surrounding the Italian Alps, Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to perfection.


Quartet Smokey and Peppery - Quartet incorporates the four elements of sun, fire, earth and air to produce a rich, intense smoky-peppery tobacco. The blend embraces the Syrian Latakia process of sun-curing the tobacco, then smoke-curing over controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs.


Solo Fresh and Crisp - Turkish small leaf tobacco is sun-cured then overlaid with a menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves. The result is a fresh, crisp, mellow and ultra-smooth experience.


Sonata Robust and Intense - Dark ripe Virginia tobacco is treated to a centuries-old curing process, producing a robustly rich and intense blend. Virginia tobacco leaves are precisely primed, oak barrel-cured, and steamed to brilliant intensity.


Notebook - A collection of tobacco notes 

8 x 5mL  Bottles 

A harmonious collection, composed of eight notes, and performed on a minor scale.

We think it is perfectly OK to judge this book by its cover. For those who truly want to have it all, the Notebook provides a harmonious collection of our eight e-liquid flavors performed on a minor scale. The eight notes contained within the small yet powerful symphony give you a feel for the variety of distinct flavors that make up the full body of Black Note ™s work. Each note is composed with the utmost precision, skill and explosive passion that are at the very core of any phenomenal performance. 

Black note e-liquid


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One point of difference that sets Black Note apart from the other is that its made from Tobacco Leaf Extracts and hailed as the epitome of flavour by avid tobacco fans.