BRU Juice

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Berry Custard Crunch

It's like eating a bowl of crunchy cereal. You will bounce between crunch and berry custard before finally settling on to this blended berry custard crunch. You'll find yourself wanting to indulge in this creamy, fruity, heavenly dessert all day long.


Bru Razz

Stand by for an absolutely BRUtastic blue raspberry with a perfect blend of sweet and tart that will have your taste-buds dancing in delight.


Bru Berry Cream

A creamy, tangy yogurt blended with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry is all we need. This berry cream is one not to be missed with it's delicious tangy flavours.



A rich taste of banana paired with the sweetness of candy. This does not merely contain banana notes, but also a melody of other savory goodness that adds up to the spice it entails.


Fruit Cup

Welcome a superb melody of ripe fruit flavours, with notes of apples, strawberries and nectarines. If you enjoy a nice ripe apple then you will undoubtedly enjoy the all-round taste of fruit cup.


General Custard

This e-liquids about to remind you of your favourite pastry that you get when you step into a bakery. With beautiful notes of vanilla and pastry, warm and straight from the oven.


Katy Peary

Bringing you all the flavours of ripe pears and honeydew melons. Although Katy Peary is ideal for the summer season, you can vape this e-liquid all day long. 


Fruit Freeze

A fresh and minty take on your favourite fruit cup. With all the same beautiful ripe notes of apples, strawberries and nectarines blasted with menthol for a fresh all day vape.