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Blue Raspberry

Exotic blue berries lead this full-on flavour bomb mixed with a slither of sweet strawberry and slice of tangy apple.

Blueberry Custard Pie

Juicy blue berries and creamy homemade custard wafts from the oven nice and smooth just like mumma  made it.

Chocolate Milk

A taste of yesteryear in a sweet and smooth chocolate milk mix icy cold from the corner store fridge.

Melon Madness

Rocking rockmelon, punchy paw paw and mouth-watering mango makes for a zingy fruit salad sensation fresh from the tropics.

Milk n' Cereal

A bowl of sweet milk, succulent strawberry, candy marshmallow and ripe banana brings back a yummy blast of school days past.


Creamy vanilla, sweet strawberry and luxury chocolate offers a memorable taste of a classic Italian trio . 4.5/5 Rating, Vaper ‘s Garage.

O.J Smooth

Sharp orange, tangy mandarin, sour fruit and a pinch of peppermint produces a smooth concoction straight from the fields.

P.B Crunch

A nutty blend of peanut butter cookie, rich dark chocolate and creamy vanilla custard in a naughty but nice flavour splice “ 4.5/5 Rating, Vaper’s Garage. 

Peaches & Pineapples

Succulent peaches, crisp pineapple and sharp kiwi fruit offers an ultra-fresh taste of breezy coastal coolness.


Two tasty fruits infused into a super-sweet strawberry and banana smoothie lightly mellowed by a dash of velvet vanilla.

Strawberry Yogurt

A double dose of strawberry fields with fruit and yogurt versions combining their sweet strengths; beats the bitter versions out there.

Available in 60mL and 120mL bottles



Made in Australia on the Sunny Gold Coast