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Johno (Sydney, New South Wales)
Love it

Awesome little pods last me about a week each depending on juice

Uwell Caliburn and Koko replacement pods. Proprietary pods designed for the most popular vape kit in Australia; The uwell Caliburn and Uwell Koko pod device.

Designed by a leading manufacturer uwell, both the Caliburn and koko are thriving against its closest competitor JUUL for many reasons. The JUUL pod battery uses Juul prefilled pods, which are quite costly considering they are a one time use only pod, and, flavours are limited to those provided by JUUL. In contrast, although the pods you are purchasing today are disposable, they arrive empty ready to be refilled and reused up to 3-4 times before throwing out.

Another aspect that vapers can agree on is the quality of the pods Uwell has produced for the Caliburn and Koko. Especially the most recent release of the 1.2ohm Koko pod, with redesigned airflow pathway.

It’s also worth noting the capacity is almost double in the Uwell Caliburn pods compared to the JUUL, this would allow the average Aussie vaper up to 2 days with out needing to refill or change pods. The Caliburn is the cheapest method by far!

At Ivanna Vape, we have coloured drip tips you can swap over and reuse to add even more personalisation to your all-day-vape!


1.4ohm - original Caliburn pods
1.2ohm - new pods for the Koko device
Both pods are cross compatible! 

What's in the box:

4 x Replacement pods