Drip More E-Liquid Candy King 100mL

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This one takes sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime gummie and douses them with sweet and tart crystals. First it will be sour, then it will be sweet.


Belts strawberry

Another sweet and sour candy from Candy King. Just like when you were a kid - sweet yummy goodness!


Lemon drops 

Your favourite mouth-watering lemon drop candy! Yes lemon drops really are mouth watering. Yummy lemon taste then a massive hit of sour and sweet!


Peachy rings

A candy flavoured e-liquid that is so realistic that you will think you are biting into a delicious sweet peach. A delicious sour kick at the end that will leave you wanting more! 


Pink Squares

Your favorite pink, chewy, square candy. Blasting with flavor! Gummy candy lovers this one is for you.



An exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers, with a burst of fruity flavours that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile. For vapers with a sweet tooth!



This one brings the everyone's childhood favorite fish-shaped chewy fruity gummy candy.


Berry dweebz 

This premium vape juice takes on the tart and sweet flavour of berry-infused candy that will make your mouth water from start to finish!


Hard Apple

A recreation of Granny Smith apples meticulously prepared and reduced to an amazingly mouth puckering nectar that your taste buds are sure to enjoy.


Strawberry rolls

This is a recreated fruit chew, taking succulent strawberries and pairing it with a confectionery chew from adolescence to create a rolled up strawberry chew that will inspire the taste buds with the spot on recreation.


Strawberry watermelon bubblegum

One of candy kings best selling e-liquids. Its easy to see why once you have experienced this great sweet tasting e-juice.