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One of the most outstanding premium vape juice producers in the US Jam Monster, has collaborated with King Crest to produce Cream Team, one of the silkiest, richest ice cream vapes on the market today.

Cream Team gives you scoops of delicious ice cream flavor in every vape. Jam Monster pride themselves on providing distinctive eliquids and this collaboration shows their dedication to your quest for great flavours.


Cream \ Buttercream

The best of the best! The smell and taste are similar because it has thick rich buttercream frosting flavor straight from the cake, while also featuring notes of rich tasty cream followed by a thickly sweet butter overtone to round out this decadent dessert flavour.


Cream | Pastry | Cinnamon

Cinnamon? Perfect ingredients for creamy flavor! The smell is much stronger than the taste. But, The taste is still fantastic since it feels like a real freshly baked cinnamon. Yes, I mean “real” with the side taste of the sugared glaze followed by sweet cream cheese frosting and no the sugared glaze won’t give you diabetes. All of this flavor is to make for a very delicious dessert.

A delicious cinnamon paired with a decadent vanilla cream pastry to give the perfect sweet tooth killer.


Cream | Strawberry | Chocolate | Vanilla

Have you tasted 3 different flavors of ice cream at the same time? Bloody Good! The Cream Team Neapolitan is a sweet recreation of the frozen ice cream dessert, combining the flavorful trifecta of rich vanilla, decadent chocolate, and uplifting strawberry for a delight.

Let’s talk about the smell first. When I opened the bottle, there was no strong aroma coming from it but no worries because you can’t smell a real ice cream either. From the taste, I did compare it to real ice cream with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry because why not?

Alright, lets for real it taste like real ice cream with that creamy sweet but not candy sweet. I noticed I can still taste all the flavours which are really good. This e-liquid is perfect for vapers who prefer neutral flavors that are not rich and sweet.

Delicious vanilla, decadent Chocolate and delicate strawberry ice cream flavors come together in this perfect sweet tooth killer juice.

70VG/30PG Ratio