dotMod Gold Logo Battery Wraps (10 pack)

Protect and Customise your vape batteries with the Dotmod Classic Gold and Black Colours, which has become possible with the Dotmod Wraps! The Dotmod Wraps will give batteries a second life for your 18350, 18650 and 20700 batteries. They will perfectly be in sync with your Dotmod Mod, AIO or Stick!

Your favorite brand, on your batteries. 
For those of you who love getting "matchy-matchy", we made our battery wraps with you in mind!

18650 or 20700. Whether you're sporting 18650's in your dotBoxes or 20700's in your dotSquonk, these dotmod wraps have you covered. 


  • 10 x 18350, 18650 or 20700 dotmod gold logo battery shrink wraps