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DotShell - 510 AUX Base

This is a complete 510 Base for the DotShell, to facilitate rebuilding  / dry burn.


DotShell Positive Tube (Spare) - made of 316 Stainless Steel. O-ring included.


DotShell Positive Tube (Stock) -made of 316 Stainless Steel. O-ring included.


DotShell -O-rings and gaskets kit.


DotShell Positive Post Insulator - made of PEEK thermoplastic polymer.


DotShell Reservoir -Includes foodgrade custom silicon refill cover.


DotShell AFC -(AFC Base and Ring), made of SS316F. Screws in under DotShell Deck and the Ring rotates to adjust air flow via 4 mirrored holes.


DotShell/Vapesnail MTL Air Flow -


-One Air Flow Pin with Inner D=1.0mm
-One Air Flow Pin with Inner D=1.2mm
-One Air Flow Pin with Inner D=1.5mm

They reduce Positive Tube’s initial D=4mm down to D=1mm, D=1.2mm and D=1.5mm respectively, offering the ideal air flow for a substantial range of MTL vaping profiles. And this, with optional use of the fine adjustment of AFC Ring.

An o-ring around their body allows easy installation plus perfect fitting inside the Pos Tube. The o-ring is black NBR or Sil70 clear/red, depending on availability.

On top there is an auxiliary laser engraving “1.0” , “1.2” and “1.5”, standing for inner D= 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm respectively, to help you distinguish among the three small diameters.






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