dotMod dotSquonk 100w Standard Aluminium Replacement Door Set

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Stand out from the crowd. Customize your dotSquonk 100w and add the color that provides the perfect accent and personal touch to your mod. 

Squonk in style. With so many accessories for the dotSquonk 100w, you will never run out of options.


Accidents happen, marks and scuffs are a sorry but usual sight after a while.
These are identical to the doors found on the dotSquonk 100W and will make your squonk look like new.

Available Colors:
Black, Gold, Red, 
Royal Blue

Check out the beautiful designer dotMod dotSquonk 100W panels


One (1) squonk side door (anodised  aluminium  with logo)
One (1) Screen side door (anodised  aluminium)

***Not compatible with the mechanical dotSquonk