Fcukin Flava X E-Liquid 60mL

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Ask Your Mama

A well-balanced mix of custard and cream flavours, with a hint of cocoa. This e-juice will win you over by the first vape. Just like your mama ™s recipe.


Morning Crunchies

Wake up to something Sweet, Milk and Creamy - The classic Breakfast Cereal vape juice. 



Experience the brilliant taste of both grapes and apples smashed together in this infamous sweet and juicy flavoured e-juice. Brilliant!


Sirap Ais

'Sirap Ais' is a reinterpretation of a refreshing Rose Water drink from Malaysia, held close to the heart of Malaysian locals. The floral aromas when you crack open this bottle are unreal! 


Vanilla Rose

Vanilla Bean, Aromatic Rose Water, Milk and Creamy Vanilla Custard brewed together. Makes for a pretty delicious Vape Juice. 


Lime Ice Cream

A delicious combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with a sweet and sour taste of lime. Perfect vape on a hot sunny day.