Flavourkraft 50ml


Welcome to cheesecake heaven! Extra portions of Vanilla sit above a biscuit base to die for. It's smooth, strong, fragrant and defining, and sets the bar beyond reach for all other Cheesecake e-liquids.



No ordinary strawberry & cream e-liquid, it is our flagship e-liquid at Flavourkraft. A constantly changing flavour that is never too sickly or sweet, it will entertain your taste buds all day, you won't be able to put it down!



Flavourkraft present you the fruit basket of ciders, nothing has been left behind in this crispy fresh combination of Lime, Pear & Strawberry. Vibrant & sweet with a touch of tang, the ultimate cider treat. 



A lip-smacking berry & vanilla bean icecream. Connoisseur-grade premium vanilla creamery is infused with ripe strawberry and mouth watering raspberries & blackberries.



Pull up a deck chair beachside in Florida, listen to the Dj spinning summer house vibes, grab your vape and welcome to Miami! One of the most popular cocktails on the east coast this can be described as a Pina Colada, fine tuned, with a Strawberry twist.