Frank & Atticus 60mL RTV E-Liquid

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Apple & Rhubarb

Apple | Rhubarb | Vanilla Custard | Almond | Meringue

Apple & Rhubarb Macaron by Frank & Atticus is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. This vape juice has layered flavour notes of fresh apples and sugary sour rhubarb on the inhale and indulgent creamy vanilla custard and almond meringue fusion on the exhale, creating a smooth finish with a silky texture.

Berry Jam Danish

Blueberry & Raspberry Preserves | Pastry | Cream Cheese | Toasted Almond

Berry Jam Danish by Frank & Atticus is an incredibly fluffy pastry, filled with sweet blueberry & raspberry jam, almond slices and a dollop of cream cheese. Sweet yet tart blueberry jam smothers your taste buds as soon as the vapour glides over your tongue, making your mouth water as the fresh raspberry taste comes through. Then rich creamy butter adds contrast to the flavour while you savour bakery pastry topped with freshly toasted almonds. 

Boysenberry Swirl

Boysenberry | Vanilla Bean Ice Cream | Cookie Crumbs | Waffle Cone

Boysenberry Swirl by Frank & Atticus tastes like tangy fresh boysenberries swirled into sweet vanilla bean ice cream, giving you a smooth, satisfying vape that melts onto your tongue just like the real thing. On the exhale, you'll savour a cookie and waffle sensation providing you with a lovely moorish flavour that will have you coming back for more.

Caramel Glazed Doughnut

Fried Dough | Yeast | Caramel | Vanilla | Sugar Glaze

Caramel Glazed Donut by Frank & Atticus is a unique dessert or breakfast vape experience unlike any other.

Freshly-fried doughnuts dipped in a rich caramel glaze. As you inhale you're greeted by warm fluffy cake balanced with golden bakery undertones. On the exhale you'll taste delicious rich caramel glaze with a rounded short sugary finish that is certain to have your taste buds begging for more.

Nut Brittle RY4

Nuts | Sweet Toffee | Vanilla | Caramel | Tobacco

Nut Brittle RY4 by Frank & Atticus is a great take of the fundamental RY4 tobacco flavour, with vanilla and caramel tones balancing out rich and sweet in equal measure. Roasted nuts are undercut by a burnt toffee taste that brings all the flavours together into an earthy, slightly woody, sweet tobacco experience.

Pistachio Vanilla Latte

Pistachio | Cream | Sweet Vanilla | Milk Foam | Coffee

Pistachio Vanilla Latte by Frank & Atticus is a flavour-filled vape that will catch you by surprise. This frothy pistachio coffee delight starts with pistachio nuts and creamy milk, sweetened with warm vanilla bean. On the exhale the vanilla becomes more intense, balancing out the undertone finish of ground coffee. This a perfect breakfast vape indulgence that just might make you late for work!

Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake

Caramel | Popcorn | Vanilla | Cheesecake | Biscuit Base

Captures exactly that experience as you vape this savoury delight of dry-roasted popcorn and sweet, warm caramel drizzle. The F&A guys have really dialled in on the popcorn, creating a prominent, earthy and authentic taste experience. Cheesecake gives it a wonderful vanilla buttery texture with a burnt toffee caramel finish.

Peppermint & White Choc Cookie

Peppermint | White Chocolate | Butter | Sugar Cookie

Peppermint White Choc Cookie, new release by Frank & Atticus is an indulgent treat for cookie fanatics. Inspired by our local favourite 'Mint Slice' biscuit, this fresh vape consists of buttery shortbread cookie and milk chocolate with sweet undertones of peppermint. The inhale thrills your taste buds with just the right amount of sweet, rounded peppermint and milk chocolate. As the freshness starts to fade, silky milk notes kick in and carry the rich chocolate through to a perfectly blended finish of chewy sugar cookie

Baked Apple Custard

Sugar Baked Apple | Cinnamon | Vanilla Bean | Custard

Baked Apple Custard is a flawless trio of caramelised apple, warm cinnamon and silky custard.

This mouthwatering dessert vape will send you straight back to the kitchen for a second helping. Right from the get-go you'll taste just the right amount of baked apple, blended with brown sugar and undertones of cinnamon. All these flavour notes are brought together by warm vanilla bean followed by a silky sweet custard finish.



60mL RTV