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FRYD – Funnel Cake

FRYD Funnel Cake e-juice sends the carnival into town but with no lines you have to wait in. When fried dough is on demand, and it always is, sink yourself into a cloud of baked sweetness. Churros and Elephant Ears just can’t compete with this state fair classic that has no competitor. With a sprinkling of sugar on top, FRYD Funnel Cake vape juice has the savory satisfaction of nostalgia on every pull. Keep your hands clean while strolling by the attractions or anywhere else for that matter, because these clouds will be just fluffy and doughy. Considering how many people fall in love with simply the smell of walking past one of these stands, this dessert vape juice will get you a step closer to your sweet treat.



FRYD – Banana

This flavor is sooo good. FRYD Banana offers a delectable creamy vape with this eJuice jam-packed with wholesome flavor. The inhale delivers the banana foundation supported by the hints of butterscotch. The graham cracker flavor is more prominent during the mellow, creamy finish.



FRYD – Cream Cake

FRYD Cream Cake offers a golden sponge cake filled with creamy vanilla frosting. Each and every hit provides a fried treat flavor reminiscent of what you’d expect at the local fair. The inhale is cakey with its delivery, which becomes even smoother and creamier during the finish. A treat for any fans of creamy eJuice


FRYD – Cream Cookie

A sugary, guilty pleasure in the form of a classic carnival treat. FRYD Cookies and cream takes dunks a cream filled cookie into a vat of cooking oil to give you the taste of milk’s favorite deep-fried cookie. The inhale delivers the foundation of the cookies and cream taste. The exhale concludes the flavor with a fried dough exhale.


FRYD – Ice Cream

Ice cream is good, but FRYD Ice Cream is even better! FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice is a fried confectionery dessert flavor eJuice. The flavor offers a smooth deep fried ice cream eJuice flavor on the inhale then creamy notes of vanilla bean ice cream on the exhale. You won’t be able put this FRYD Ice Cream away. Here is a tip – enjoy it in the morning with a cup of coffee.







70VG/30PG Ratio