Mad hatter I LOVE 100mL

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Blueberry Donuts

America ™s on-the-go pastry to the vape industry. I Love Donuts has the perfect fluffy taste you would expect from an expertly baked classic donut. It ™s the same golden cake with an added twist. I Love Donuts has a sweet sense of blueberry with a warm comforting taste that lasts all day long.


Strawberry Donuts

Whimsical and tantalizing. This tastes just like a fresh powdered doughnut that's oozing with sticky strawberry jelly!


Rainbow Candy

Sweet cherry, a sour lime and everything in between. Candy Rainbow is exactly how it sounds, a handful of Rainbow clouds ¦you can ™t take just one puff!


Watermelon Candy

A refreshing flavor filled with ripe and juicy watermelons, captured in the sweet candies that we drool for. If your sweet tooth craves the classic taste of watermelon gummy candy, I Love Candy Watermelon vape juice is gonna be your new favorite.


Blue Raspberry Candy

A candy classic that consists of a sweet and sugary blue raspberry flavor that will make your mouth water! I Love Candy Blue Raspberry e-juice delivers mind-blowing blue raspberry sourness on the inhale that will make you salivate with pleasure.



This amazing blend of crisp, fresh popcorn covered with sweet, melted butter is your favourite popcorn jelly bean in a bottle! Guaranteed to transport you straight to the theater. Your movie experience will never be the same with this new all day vape.


Blue Raspberry

A Mad take on a candy classic. It ™s that sugary, sweet blue raspberry that makes your mouth water.