Kandy Queen 120mL | Ice Queen

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Chilled pear

It takes the traditional sweet, pear rings candy and adds a chilled after effect that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Ice Crawlers

Ice Queen Ice Crawlers 120ml E-liquid is sweet, tangy, and refreshingly cool. Ice Queen Ice Crawlers features a mesmerizing three-tone flavor profile that will leave you wanting for more and wondering how your bottle got so empty, so quickly. Just imagine the combination of sweet glow worms with a cool minty bite!


Kiwi Berry Cooler

Ice Queen Kiwi Berry Cooler is an adult beverage-inspired vape liquid that has a touch of cool with strawberries and kiwi! 120ml chubby unicorn bottle size means more to go around.


Pear Rings

It is an irresistible candy treat. This gourmet E Liquid has the same flavor as a sweet and juicy pear with a unique twist. Upon inhale the fresh taste of fresh pear splashes your taste buds, while the exhale provides the sour sweetness of gummy candy.