Innokin Podin JUUL Pod Adapter

The Innokin Podin JUUL pod adaptor is designed for use with the Innokin Podin pod device and the JUUL prefilled pods only. These unique attachments offer vapers an alternative option to use JUUL flavoured pods for a versatile experience.

Featuring a discreet construction, to install the adaptor place it onto the base of the JUUL prefilled pod and insert it into the Podin pod. To eject the adapted pod, press the proprietary button situated on the side of the Podin device for a simple operation.


The Innokin Podin Adapter is also compatible with OVNS JC01 and OVNS W01 pods.


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Innokin Podin Adapter comes with:
• 1 x Innokin Podin Adapter