Lanyard Kit for Pen Style Pods

Pen style pod systems are a small and efficient way of vaping, but they're really easy to lose track of. We've created a great looking solution to the problem of losing your vape with our lanyard kits. Made to fit any kind of pen style pod system, you'll find it simple to create a secure holder that keeps your vape close at hand. 

Because we know you love being able to customize your setup, we've made this kit available in a wide selection of colors. Whether you go with neutrals or bold reds, blues, or pinks, we've got a kit that will look great with your vape. 

The kit is comprised of four pieces that are easy to assemble and clip around your vape securely. You'll love the time you save when you never have to search the entire house for your vape. Get all of the perks of the convenience and efficiency that a pod system gives you with none of the drawback of how easy they are to misplace!