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DotBling Exclusive

Limited Edition 24mm Cubic Zirconia embedded dotMech.

Only 200 units created in total:

100 Silver
100 Gold

Please note: Units serialized from 001 to 100 for each color.

Hand crafted and exceptional. This beautiful 24mm mechanical mod boasts 1232 cubic zirconia stones, individually hand set by a skilled jeweler over the course of 3 days.

Created for the dotElite.  200 serialized units total made specially for the VIPs of the dotFam.

  • Classic 24mm dotMech design
  • 1232 embedded cubic zirconia stones
  • 24k gold plated (Gold dotBling)
  • 925 sterling silver plated (Silver dotBling)
  • Copper base internal material
  • Limited release quantity
  • Two great colors, silver and gold
  • Peek insulation deck
  • Upgraded contact button
  • Serialized 001 to 100 (for each color)
    What's in the box:
    • One (1) Limited Edition cubic zirconia dotBling 24mm mechanical mod
    • One (1) dotmod drawer style box.
    • One (1) extra spring
    • One (1) allen key
    • One (1) gold 510 friction fit drip tip
    • Certificate of authenticity

      This is a Limited Edition Product.

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