Lost Vape Ursa Pro Pod RBA Deck

Pretty self explanatory - 

if you are into prebuilt coils and want something to suit your Lost Vape Ursa UB Pro Pod Mod, then this baby is for you,

or maybe its just so close to 5pm on a friday and i have been writing listings all day for the kajillion new items i just got in, thinking who the fvck reads this stuff anyway.

What you get: 
really - you need me to go there. You get a RBA head lo for the lost vape ursa pro pod mod or the UB pro pod mod atomiser.

Bonus: I’m going to get myself a negroni - its 5pm and luckily working for yourself mean the bar is only a short trip down the hallway

Enjoy cloudy days peeps!

IVANNAFRIYAY for 10% your next order just for spotting this :)

Limited to 20 uses