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Banana Nut Bread

A complex mix of sweet bananas on top of freshly baked bread with a hint of almonds.


Black Honey Tobacco

A smooth mix of black honey with tobacco flavour.


Cinnamon Danish

A delicious ix of danish pastry covered with sweet cinnamon.


Harvest Berry

A sweet mix of freshly harvested berries.


Hawaiian Punch

A mix of flavours made up of traditional Hawaiian punch drink.


Hazelnut Latte

An exquisite mixture of flavours to bring the taste of a freshly brewed hazelnut latte.



A complex mix of sweets and aniseed.


Magic Melon

A magical mix of sweet fruits, watermelon, apple, blueberry.


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter in your vape enough said.


Pina Colada

The tropical pina colada cocktail drink in a vape.


Raging Bull

A refreshing energy drink with some extra sweetness.


Razzle Berry

A razzling mix of the sweetest blueberries.


Strawberry Bananut

A delicious balance of strawberries and freshly baked banana nut bread.


Tutti Frutti

A complex mix of sweet fruit candies.