Met4 Vapor 60mL RTV E-liquid

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Met4 Vapor range of milk e-liquid bring you the taste of the fair in all its creamy sweet deliciousness!


| Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a playfully delicious creation brought to you by MET4. Ponder the chocolate notes with light and creamy textures for this wonderfully balanced e-liquid. This flavour features a milky and chocolatey flavour that is rich enough to have you coming back, but mellow enough to vape all day.

Golden Ticket is the ultimate recreation of chocolate milk. Smooth, delectable and utterly delicious, Golden Ticket is perfectly balanced, with the incredible interplay of fresh, creamy milk and a well tempered chocolate.

| Fairgrounds

Met4 Vapor introduces the highly anticipated flavour from the Met4 Team, Fair Grounds, a deep fried cream cake flavoured E-Liquid!

MET4 invites you to the Fairgrounds; an explosively sweet and modern American classic e-juice flavour that has taken the nation by storm. Imagine the flavour of a deep-fried golden sponge cake with a delightful vanilla cream filling. This vape juice has the richness and toasted sugary flavours of a summer fair classic without any of the calories. Take a trip with Fairgrounds and reminisce about the summer today!

| Pacific Sangha

Pacific Sangha eLiquid from Met4 is a delectable and beautifully blended flavour, full of fruity ripe Strawberries and decadent creamy Milk.

Pacific Sangha by MET4 is a sweet strawberry milk flavoured vape juice. This strawberry milk e-liquid offers a bold body of a freshly picked sweet strawberry, in an ocean of milk. Much like Golden Ticket, the nostalgic flavours of this e-juice is subtle enough to vape all day without overwhelming you with all of its decadent richness.