Modus Vapors E-Liquid 60mL RTV

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The flagship flavor that started it all. Here we have a satisfying concoction of perfectly ripened Strawberries and tangy sourness, delivering “the best strawberry sour belt on the market.” Molly vape juice provides a candied sweet n’ sour dream, proving that originality is alive and well at Modus Vapors.


Molly Frost

The best damn strawberry sour belt on the market, now enhanced with a perfect kick of frosty menthol.



A terrific blend of slightly tart meets Pink Lemonade, providing one of the most essential flavours for all-summer vaping. This flavour cannot be contained.



A flavor that's truly out of this world, since there's actually no such thing as a blue raspberry, but nevertheless, this is exactly what we'd hope blue raspberries taste like if they happen to exist elsewhere in the galaxy. If you thought Molly was a perfect strawberry sour belt, Buzz is definitely a must-try.

Max VG