Natomi Menthol Collection E-Liquid 60mL RTV | Tenshi Vapes

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Aloe Vera Blueberry Menthol

This eliquid features a rich taste of ripened blueberries, with subtle undertones of Aloe Vera, polished off with a cool and fresh menthol hit; making this eliquid our most complex & delicious duo yet!


Honey & Orange Menthol
Freshly squeezed orange juice meets delicate, raw honey with a refreshing menthol hit in this sweet inspired duo. The perfect eliquid for those with a sweet tooth who also crave a refreshing menthol hit.


Mango Menthol

Elysium is a fruity, tropical blend with a fresh menthol twist. Sweet and slightly tart notes of tropical mango characterise the inhale, whilst a smooth, crisp menthol delivers the full flavour on the exhale.


Lime Menthol

Sub Zero features a citrus fruit blend with a cooling, zesty kick. Lime zest is delicately blended with smooth menthol creating a layered and refreshing citrus taste.


Fruit Blast Menthol

Iris features a sweet blend of moreish confectionary flavours and is reminiscent of your favourite colourful candies, completed by a cool menthol on the exhale.