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Very nice Rda, one of the best i used

Love this RDA, one of the best i have ever used, thank you Ivanna vape team for the nice quick responses for my inquirys.

Packed with improvements the Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is the stronger, richer flavour maker upgraded from the Profile RDA that you know and love. Still a perfect 24mm in diameter and using the universal 510 thread for connection, it is boosted by nexMESH Technology, the Profile 1.5 now caters to a broader spectrum of vapers with three mesh options: nexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO, and nexMESH EXTREME. This is a BRAND NEW release of mesh seeing a collaboration between WOTOFO and OFRF, each new type has a different mesh density and you get to try out all three!

CHILL - is for vapers wanting a calm vape even at higher temperatures

EXTREME - is intensely warm vape

TURBO - fits right in the middle of the other 2 varieties

Airflow is now staged in this revised edition where you can change it from having both rows open for massive cloud production or just the bottom row, which directs the air intake under the coils and then up providing the enhanced flavour. The flow of juice from using the included hollow pin allow more even distribution for squonkers.

Also the V1.5 has 2 different 810 drip tips included, one higher and the other designed smashed with a slight curve to further increase the cloud production.

Yet, the same ease of building and mesh replacement that makes the WOTOFO Profile a prefect RDA for beginners or just those who prefer the hassle free design using mesh strips. The Profile is still leading the revolution of rebuildable atomisers. 

WOTOFO Profile V1.5 RDA at Ivanna Vape Store Sydney

* Upgraded from the original Profile RDA, a stronger flavor production version
* Two 810 resin drip tips provided, nice appearance with comfy contact between lips
* Flexible airflow control, maximized airflow options
* Bigger build deck, bigger mesh surface area, and bigger vapor production
* Following the original ceramic support design and clamp-securing method, easy to build on
* Centered heating surface area, convenient and fast e-liquid dripping with drip tip on
* Squonkable with better e-liquid distribution
* 3 options of mesh coil included, nexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO, and nexMESH EXTREME
* Fast heating, efficient vaporizing and flavor strengthening

RDA Body Diameter: 24mm
Build Deck Diameter: 22.5mm
Coil Configuration: Single Mesh Coil
Wattage Range: 60-80W
Recommended Wattage: 70-75W
Overall Height: 33.1mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
Threading: 510 Thread
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Juice Feeding Method: Dripper with solid pin installed or Squonker with hollow pin included
Insulator Material: German PEEK

1 x Profile 1.5 RDA
1 x Extra Drip Tip
1 x Bending Tool
1 x Accessory Bag
1 x Allen Key
1 x Cross Head Screwdriver
3 x 6mm Thick Xfiber Cotton Strips
1 x nexMESH CHILL A1 0.15Ω
1 x nexMESH TURBO A1 0.13Ω
1 x nexMESH EXTREME A1 0.16Ω
User manual and Warranty Card



So I got this RDA awhile ago, but finally decided to write a review.
The Profile 1.5 is my first rebuildable, and it is fantastic. Very easy to build, though I did have a few minor mistakes, it is expected when you are new to this kind of thing.
The only major issue I had was the clamp screws were put in way too tight, and one screw was busted when I got it. I did contact support on this site and they helped me in getting the screw out. Luckily it comes with spares, and once I got the screw changed it was fine.
I overall love this device, it has amazing clouds, and flavour. It way surpasses my Crown 4. I was told many times RDAs were much better than sub ohm tanks, but questioned whether they were legit, or exaggerating, but they weren't, the vape quality is night and day. The thing to learn though is not to over drip, I found 10-12 drops down the center hole is plenty. Any more than that and it WILL leak out the airholes. I don't over drip very much now, but on occasion I won't be paying attention and it happens, so just keep that in mind if you plan to get into using a RDA.
I also learned to only take 4-5 puffs, maybe a couple more if you take smaller puffs, but be careful, as you will get nasty burnt hits if you try to get too many. As a mesh RDA, it does drink a lot of juice, so I would recommend getting a squonk if you don't already have one. I have been using this on my Aegis Legend, and the dripping doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would, I thought it be really tedious, but it isn't that bad. For the vapour quality, the dripping is worth the effort. I do want a squonk eventually, as taking it anywhere outside of the house, like going in the car makes it hard to use without having a squonk. Obviously I wouldn't drip and drive, if I use it in the car, its because someone else is driving, but it can be difficult to drip when you are going over bumps, so I definitely will be ordering a squonk when I get the money.
Overall it is a great device, and the only reason I am giving it a 4 and not a 5, is due to how it came in the box. Had the screw not been broken and I didn't have to fix it when I got it, it would of been an easy 5. If you are new to RBAs, I highly recommend this for someone who is learning to build, but honestly I would recommend this to anyone that wants something simple with great flavour and clouds.
However if you are not a fan of mesh, and prefer to just use claptons, then a different RDA would be better. Just note though, if you like mesh, but also like to use clapton style coils as well, this does support both styles of coils.
It also has 3 diffeent styles of mesh, which it comes with, and hey are noticeably all different. The extreme is my favourite, followed by the turbo, as I like when my vape hits hard, but if you want a smoother experience, there is the chill mesh, just I wrecked mine when trying to get the wicking right, so I didn't get to use it much, so never got a great opinion due to my mess up. I haven't used a clapton as of yet, but have debated on it.
Anyways on a ending note, I highly reccomend trying this, it is a great device.