Riot Squad Eliquid

Riot Squad E-Liquid 60mL

Smashed Apple Pie
This premium e-juice is full of deliciously delinquent flavours of busted butter crust, hot apple and a hint of wicked vanilla.

Strawberry Scream
A strawberry candy e-juice with a twist. This e-liquid is fruity, creamy and divine.

A citrus explosion, a sour mix of lemon and lime, blended to create an e-liquid that will smack you in your tastebuds.

Tropical Fury
A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy, intense vape with a sparkly, warm aftertaste, an exotic blast of flavours to create a delightful e-juice.

Cola Cooler

Based on the popular fizzy drink, with a refreshing menthol hit for a twist on a classic.

Grapple and Slapcurrant

The slamming e-juice flavours of Apple and Blackcurrant, smashed to pieces, ready to vape. Expect a bash from this one!!!

Iron Bruise

This e-liquid flavour will hammer your taste buds like an Iron Bar. A refreshing wham followed by an energising citrus hit. Designed for the Brave Hearted vaper!

Menthol Molotov

A tropical fruit menthol attack to sabotage your senses and vandalise your taste buds. Just light the rag on this premium e-juice!

Pink Grenade

A perfect blend of squashed lemon and fresh crushed strawberries.







70VG/30PG Ratio