Sticky Fingers

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Banana Ice Cream

 Sweet, ripe and rich just like a banana Ice cream from the ol’milk bar ‘round the corner’. This classic flavour sensation that goes down a treat!


Blue Titanic

 Navigate the icebergs with a blast of blueberry, hint of black grape, smidge of menthol and slither of secret goodies in a fresh’n’frosty hit.


Bula Boso

 The island tropics come to life in a beachy blend of crisp coconut, sweet strawberry and crunchy biscuit; soothing for the soul like a warm ray of sunshine.


Cali Cola

 The coolness of California is captured in a refreshing glass of cola poured straight from the soda fountain; perfect for all day vaping enjoyment.


Cherry Cali

 Inspired by the O.G Cali Cola mix, Cherry Cali Cola takes it to a bitchin’ new level that’s guaranteed to tickle the tastebuds on every toot!


Granny Smith

 Summer in the orchard with this slice of green granny goodness; bitey on the button with a fresh and crisp tang right to the core.


Kiwi Watermelon

 A fruity, maxed-out mix of Kiwi and Melon, with a hint of menthol madness creates this flavour filled blend that's a breath of fresh air.


Lychee Peach Guava

 Shake it like a tiki cocktail in a beachside bonanza of tangy lychees, juicy peaches and tart guavas that’ll have your swizzle stick cloudy till sunset.


Purple Haze

 Get down and funky in a rich haze of groovy grape and mind-bending black currant; from a time when slamming riffs and a bangin’ bass made for some real soul food.