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SV Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod Starter Kit

Mi-Pod 2.0 new pod 2021


The creation of the new Mi-Pod 2.0 Awakening Collection was inspired by our values of love, compassion and community. The utilization of sacred geometry symbolises our shared oneness and represents the magic that exists when design and engineering come together to craft amazing, meaningful and influential creations. This collection is the culmination of years of experience and an expression of our passion for the products we serve to the world.

Mi-pod 2.0 Merkaba Black Pod Kit


Awaken your power within and let your light shine. The Merkaba is the sacred symbol of connection to our highest divine self.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod Kit Lotus Flower Pink

Awaken the beauty and love within you. The Lotus is the sacred symbol of perseverance, purification and rebirth on the path to enlightenment.

Mi-Pod 2.0 White Seed of life Pod Kit

Awaken your creative energy and unlimited potential. The Seed of Life is the divine symbol of balance and strength and wholeness of creation.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Vortex Purple Gold Pod starter kit

Awaken and expand beyond what you thought possible. The Vortex spiral represents harmony, expansion and the power of infinity that existed within us all.


New Mi-pod 2.0 Features:

  • 0.9Ω resistance - made with mesh pod technology
  • 4 responsive LED lights for battery level
  • Physical on/off switch
  • custom-made lithium-ion 1250mAh battery