The Chocolatier Vape Co. 100mL

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Orange Crème

Rich milk chocolate with effortlessly smooth orange crème. Orange bursts and soft vanilla sailing over your taste buds taking you on a dream cruise of flavor.



A whole dessert in one bottle! Decadent butterscotch toffee ice cream mixed with lashings of vanilla creams and milk chocolate, topped with a sprinkle of wafer cone and biscuit crumbs.



Roasted and desiccated coconut shavings folded into delicious milk chocolate. The Chocolatier Vape Co.will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.



America knows sweets and The Chocolatier Vape Co'modern take of this famous treat may have you wondering why it wasn't always this way. Creamy vanilla ice cream, indulgent chocolate syrup blended into a tall glass of milk, served with crushed biscuits and dusted with cinnamon.



Roasted peanuts smashed into a slab of milk chocolate. This enticing classic is for those that want the simple life to be just that a little bit sweeter.