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The Blue Heifer

Oh yes, another Heifer. Building on the ever popular thick, creamy vanilla laden Heifer base, The Blue Heifer adds sweet, candied blueberry to the mix, resulting in a deep, velvety texture and a phenomenal after taste that lingers on the tongue.


The Classic Heifer

By popular demand! The Classic Heifer is the product of the unrelenting requests I have received to release a 'pure' cream Heifer. That would have been too simple. This is so much more than that. Thicker and heavier than the rest, The Classic Heifer is incredibly rich, combining several types of vanilla, a dash of caramel, and a little something else, all converging to create the most decadent, full bodied Heifer yet.


The Pink Heifer

A long time in the making, this is my personal take on the ever popular strawberry milkshake. A rich and complex mixture of ripened and candied strawberries, sweetened cream and vanilla. You won't want to put it down.


The Purple Heifer

An unusual twist on the famous Heifer, this flavour blends sweet, candied grape with the ever popular creamy vanilla laden Heifer base, creating a unusual but fantastic blend! This is a candied Hubba-Bubba styled grape, except we removed the bubblegum and replaced it with a heap of thick vanilla cream, and the results are phenomenal.


The Red Heifer

The long awaited companion to the ever popular Pink Heifer and a favourite amongst the Kiwis! Shares the same ever evolving thick, vanilla cream we all love from the Pink Heifer, accompanied by a perfectly blended selection of strong, sweet raspberry.


The Yellow Heifer

You just cant get enough of the Heifer, and I'll continue creating them until you do! By far the most requested Heifer was Banana. You ask, I deliver. Slightly candied, extremely creamy banana atop the incredible Heifer base. Enjoy!


The Spearmint Heifer

This has been on the agenda here at Clouded Visions since our very inception. The Australian classic, the Spearmint Milkshake. Experience that delicious smooth Spearmint flavour, without any of the menthol sensation, replaced instead with that rich and creamy Heifer base. Our most innovative Heifer yet.


Mango Heifer

Long awaited, continually requested. The time has come, and it was worth the wait. The Mango Heifer finally delivers you that sweet, juicy mango nectar you have all been begging for, coupled with the famous rich and creamy vanilla laden Heifer base we all love. The best of fruits and creams combined into one spectacular flavour.