Throne Liquids 60mL

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The Assasin

Throne Liquids’ The Assassin is a perfect blend of grape and mixed berries flavours with a hint of mint that certainly slays. Perfect for those who love the taste of berries, definitely keep an eye on this variant because it’s going to be big!


The Bastard

Based on the ever popular shot Jägerbomb comes Throne – The Bastard. A perfect blend of Jägermeister and Red Bull Flavor with a hint of mint gives it a taste unlike any other. Perfect for those who love the taste of a Jagerbomb. (This product does not contain any alcohol. Only permitted flavorings are used in producing this e-liquid.)


The Blacksmith

Based on the ever popular al fakher grape shisha comes The Blacksmith. A perfect blend of a sweet and a smoky grape flavor with a hint of koolada gives this product a taste unlike any other. Perfect for those who love the taste of a good old grape mint shisha.


The Kingslayer

A flavor great enough to slay the king. The Kingslayer is a mix of fresh Strawberries and Pineapple, with a hint of menthol to give it a refreshing taste like no other. Perfect for an all day vape.


The Imp

Crafted from a fruit you’ll rarely see in the mass market, this e-juice takes its flavour from the rare & coveted Cushman mango. The fruit may be uncommon but you can savour its signature sweet and creamy notes in this e-liquid.


The Mad Queen

For those who love shisha-like vape flavours, Throne The Mad Queen is an amazing flavour with sweet, fresh apple on the inhale. In the mouth, the flavour deepens and layers of aloe vera emerge. The flavour is finished off with the delectable aroma of apple wood.


The Lady

A delicious mix of various types of mango, Throne The Lady is an amazing all-day vape. While single-fruit flavours might seem straightforward, the best mango-flavoured e-liquids are gorgeously layered and surprisingly complex.


The Mother

It’s sweet, smooth and easy to vape. Throne The Mother is a unique fruity blend that combines the sweetness of passionfruit, the tanginess of orange and the freshness of guava in one delicious vape juice.


The Moutain

Inspired by the world famous cocktail Vanilla Sunrise, the Mountain is a mix of fresh orange and vanilla to give it its unique flavor profile. Definitely an all day vape flavor.


The Witch

Fall under the spell of The Witch. The Witch is an invigorating blend of strawberry and lemonade. A gorgeous combination of sweet strawberries and fizzy, citrusy lemonade. This e-juice will bewitch those who love drinks-flavoured vape juices.