Atmizoo Tripod RTA

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The Tripod is Atmizone’s new approach to 22mm RTA design for single coil setups. It offers an unparalleled vaping experience focusing on performance, versatility and ergonomics. With its enhanced flavory and vapor production, potential for variable specs, instant real time access to deck, instant top refill system, easy rebuilding and attention to detail, the Tripod is one step ahead of most RTAs out there .

The two original ICE finishes are now joined by the CLD Black, this has been a project of passion for Atmizoo after a long time researching. You can read about the technology behind the Diamond Like Carbon treatment here.


“ Air flow tuning via 4 pin options with air hole D=1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest or via an AFCS Ring adjusting from zero to D=4.0mm.

“ M2.5mm pan head phillips post screws.

“ Two parts screw-in custom Drip Tip / inner D=4.0mm, can also host any 510 drip tip.

“ 10.0mm post-to-post space, ~6.6mm post-to-post net space , ~5.8mm coil space.

“ Tank capacity 2ml.

“ Max. net coiling height ~9.0mm (C & C Reducer out) / ~5.3mm (C & C Reducer in)

“ Chimney top inner D ~5.2mm (C & C Reducer out) / ~3.0mm (C & C Reducer in)

“ Height 510 excl., 39mm [Drip Tip off] / 47.0mm [Drip Tip on]

“ Weight ~56g

“ SS316 foodgrade metal parts, PEEK Thermoplastic Insulators, POM (Acetal) Drip Tip, Steel nickel plated Post Screws, Borosilicate Glass Tank

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Atmizoo Tripod RTA comes with:

“ 1 x Tripod RTA (1 x Chamber & Chimney Reducer pre-installed)
“ 1 x Set of spares (2 x Post Screws, 1 x O-ring Kit, 1 x Tank Body, 1 x AF Pins Kit)
“ 1 x User Guide
“ 1 x Warranty Card