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Fruit Rollups

Just like the fruit roll-ups you ate in your childhood, this tasty peach strawberry vape is a real treat for the sweet tooths among us!

Grandpa Joe's

GJ's is our dangerously creamy butterscotch blend, if you're looking for a silky smooth caramel you've come to the right old man.

Old school good, with no tobacco flavour at all, we promise. Seriously, a lot of people think 'old man' and go to baccy, weird.


The original, and the best. Going back over five years as one of our original flavours, Heisenberg has stood the biggest test of time.

The only thing blue about this juice is the icy blueberry. For the sweet tooth out there this is a highly addictive flavour! Yeah, science!

Lazer Lombardi

Do a barrel roll with this fruity and creamy taste sensation.

High in both VG and flavour, we're offering a genuine bonus prize if you can correctly guess all NINEcomponents that make up this delicious juice. No seriously, email Eddie, he loves that.

RIP in peace you magnificent bastard.

Midnight on the Farm

They say that smell can evoke powerful memories.

A long time ago my grandfather would sit on the veranda at night smoking his pipe with my grandmother inside baking their locally-grown peaches into a delicious cinnamon-y pie.

This equally delicious dried peach, cinnamon, honey and tobacco vape brings me back, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A dark horse of the VE range!

Mo's Vanilla Custard

A true stalwart of VE, still delicious to the last drop to this day as a deliciously creamy vanilla custard, with smooth banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

There's nothing quite like this custard out there, and if regular plain custard isn't doing the trick anymore, we urge you to give this ADV a go!

Momo's Milk

If you are looking for a creamy strawberry vape that you will want to drizzle all over your body and scream "NYEESSS!", this is the one for you.

Seriously, it's that good. Momo's Milk truly is sweet (nothing suss).

Morris the Grape





New Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed and of course, something blue awaits those taking the trek to the blue-tinged sunrise of New Blue (it's ironically colourless though). For those who enjoy ADV.2, try this tasty concoction inspired by its predecessors greatness.

A very smooth and extraordinarily juicy blend of tart kiwi, wild blueberries and a dash of peppermint.

Odin's Raven

By Thor, this blend will strike your tastebuds with memories of the good old days. Sans the smelling like rotting mouth of course.

A complex yet smooth mild pipe tobacco, reminiscent of a true black pouch, with highlights of honey and a subtle smoked finish.

Oui Chocolate

The name translating from our friendly French peeps into "Yes, chocolate" comes along in this luscious blend. Good luck steeping this bad boy before it's gone!

Imagine a slice of chocolate cake floating in a bowl of milk, drizzled with a generous serving of irish cream. A flavour you should indeed say yep to.


Phoney Pearry

Refreshment, thy name is Phoney Pearry. This is a honeydew extract with fresh strawberry and pear.

Simples. But good...les? You be the judge, kicked back in a long deckchair in the brisk summer heat and cool as a cucumber.


Rasmo NZ




Rasmusis a simple and unassuming blend of rich raspberry with delicate wisps of pure vanilla and bourbon. Designed for dripping with a VG ratio of 95%, this is an unrivaled and unparalleled dripping experience.

Rasmus has been formulated from the ground up for dripping and is not recommended for tanks, unless they are high wattage. Due to the high VG content, give it a little longer to steep, use high wattages and shake well before use.



This tastes exactly like an extremely popular energy drink on the market (we'll give you one guess).

Not too sweet, not too sour, and conveniently without the post-caffeine crash.

Roasted Strawberry

A warm strawberry vape with an outstanding nutty finish. Tastes just as good as it smells. Paired with coffee, you won't put it down.


Blessings upon you, traveller. Imagine a dozen diced peaches swimming in a bowl of sun-blessed green tea, for a truly zen experience without the taste of freshly cut grass. We prefer the smell for sure.

Contains menthol. Sorry OGs, we don't offer a non-menthol version anymore :(


Somewhat sweet and a little bit dry at the same time, a Mojito is a fantastic sweetened alcoholic drink consisting of white rum, lime juice, and mint.

I threw in a pinch of juicy stone-fruit because Serenity wasn't quite... serene enough. Now, it's perfection and will transport you to your nearest (good) beach!

Sir Herbert

Tangy powdered sherbet, just like when we were kids.

All that's missing is a licorice straw. Whiz on for some of this fizzy goodness!

Speared Pear

This juice is a nice break from overly rich flavours with a subtle spearmint and pear mix that is incredibly refreshing!


Some of the flavour concentrates we used to make Sublime are so badass that the government doesn't let them fly in planes for fear their awesomeness will cause a fire, so we've re-engineered the recipe and made it even better. Forget about Sublime, it's time for Superlime!

So, without further ado, here is my 100% reformulated pine-lime juice. In the VE household most juices sit in development for around three to six months unless a juice is so jaw-droppingly, high-fivingly good that we all agree it needs to be rushed to market.

Frankly, and all marketing spiels aside, Superlime is pretty damn good. If you liked Sublime, you'll love Superlime.

The Turk

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a certain Sultan who believed the way to a woman's heart was through her stomach. Operating on this rather embarrassing misunderstanding of basic human anatomy, the Sultan ordered his chefs to create for him a new delicacy, with which to woo a wife.

The chefs got to work immediately, the kitchen fires burned long into the night, and in the morning the head chef nervously presented his creation to the Sultan: a roasted pig with a small amount of parsley in its a*se.

"Hmm," said the Sultan, "I see where you're going with this, but I'd like to suggest a few minor changes. What if instead of the pig, you mixed stiff starches and sweet sugars, and beat the hell out of them until they formed a sort of jelly? And what if, instead of parsley, you flavoured this jelly with a splash of rosewater and a handful of exotic berries?"

"Well," said the head chef, "it would certainly be kinder to the pig."

And that is the entirely factual and completely true story about how Turkish Delight came to be, The Turk is a tribute to history itself!


Tigers Blood

Roaring out the gates is Tigers Blood!

Imagine coconut flakes sprinkled on strawberry and watermelon. This retro sweet is still sold at bake sales around the country, and continues to be all time favourite.


This peanut butter fudge is dark, rich and nutty (just like my eccentric uncle Luke).

Seriously, this liquid is blacker than the night. Wicks beware of the deliciousness they are about to receive!

Very Juicy Fruits

It's Very Juicy, and Very Fruity. It's Very Juicy Fruits.

If you love the classic gum, you'll love this juice. Nuff said, get to chewing.

Watermelon Slush

Like diving into a pool of watermelon and berries on a hot day, Watermelon Slush invokes cool breezes wherever your travels take you.

Fair warning: this stuff is cold, so if you need a jacket to go out in QLD, give another flavour a go.



Wolfgang: a coffee cake that's the highest of our art, designed to wake you up and soothe your tastebuds in the morn.

Herr VE has combined the brunch of true champs, with hints of nuttiness and spice, just like the great composer himself.

Admiral V

Tastes exactly like a glass of strawberry milk, which is great because I'm lactose intolerant... Plus it's got an awesome mascot, Admiral Vesca.



An intriguing new blend contending for personal all day vape status, guaranteed to keep you guessing. Mysterious fruits and an icy hit without a menthol taste.

ADV 2 (Austracantha)

Tending to my berry patch I came across the harmless Austracantha minax, commonly known as theAustralian Jewel Spider.

These cool little arachnids inspired ADV.2, one of my all-time favourite flavours - a mix of berries and currants, topped off with peppermint and a slight icy finish.

It also changes colour between green and blue with the seasons, which is pretty cool (we think it has something to do with the current climate when mixed), but don't worry: it's the same stunning recipe year round!

All Black

Blacker than the blackest black, enjoy this flavour worthy of crossing the ditch in tart kiwifruit with a creamy backnote. Kia Ora!

All Day Breakfast

I know I might have missed the cereal-vape hype train, but good things come to those who wait, and boy do we have something good for you!

All Day Breakfast is a perfectly balanced loopy cereal vape.

Alpha + Omega

Alpha and Omega is a beautifully savoury peanut butter and banana cream base, with layers of slightly smokey pipe tobacco, pistachio and notes of vanilla.

If you're wondering if tobacco flavours might be for you, get a bottle today to ease into it. You won't regret the feeling of this hearty flavour.

Banana Nut Bread

Banana, lightly roasted pecans and spices all baked into a delicious loaf.

Pair with your morning coffee, the stronger the better!

Baratheon Blood

This juice is THE fury. You'll find it dancing the two step on the tip of your tongue, as a hot, cinnamon spiced apple candy delivers a taste sensation that you will find hard to put down.

This liquid has a bright-yellow appearance. This is the cinnamon extract not entirely dissolving and nothing to be worried about.


Beesting is one of our sweetest juices, and not just in taste! Imagine a super chilled glass of peach and nectarine nectar... it's pretty damn good and guaranteed to make you buzz with joy.

Berried Alive

While you're down in the deep dark pits, see the sweet sour light of a saviour with this wild mix of currants and berries.


Caramelised Tobacco

A medium strength tobacco aroma with trends of caramel and vanilla, reminiscent of the classic RY4 blend all the OGs remember starting on. 


This is a special, lightly earthy cherry cola with a dash of sweet yet tangy  lime and notes of caramel just along for the ride. Vape this straight after mixing for the freshest cola you've ever tasted, period.

Cinnamon Cookie

This freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookie vape is deliciously chewy and warm, like your mum just whacked them out of the oven.

Consider your local bake sale cooked with a bottle of this in hand.

Death by Guava

DBG is much more tame than it sounds, and has now been reformulated to take you right to the tropics for good!

Drift off with guava on a light cloud of menthol, tinged with blueberries and kiwifruit throughout for an unparalleled punch of flavour.


Delicate choux pastry filled with squirts of gooey chocolate, topped with lashings of thick whipped cream. That is what I'd like to have for lunch today.

In the meantime, here's an amazing new chocolate eclair juice called ECL that I think you'll quite like.


An icy mix of pineapple, white rum, and creamy coconut. IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAAAAAAAAAAAAS.... then you'll love this.

Evening Tobacco

This tobacco will remind you of what old school cigarettes tasted like. From a very happy customer:

"I've had some Evening Tobacco steeping for a couple of weeks and I gotta say I'm a fan. It's not like any other tobacco juice, this is void of sweetness, smokey and harsh with pepper, spice, slightly nutty and it leaves a lingering rollie cigarette taste in the mouth. I doubt it would be possible to create a more authentic tobacco flavour. There is no middle ground with this juice, you'll either think it's the most foul thing you've ever vaped or it'll be the best tobacco ever made, for me it's the latter."


Tasting Notes 28/3/2014 - 96 hours steep

First inhale... what is that? Tastes very dark. It /was/ a very shallow drag. I take a long, lung hit. Exhaling through the nose I taste vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon baked goods. Still dark. Can't explain it, just... darkness.

I can't stop vaping this juice, I (very pretentiously) exhale it while smacking my lips together, think I can taste a toasted nuttiness. Still dark. Almost claustrophobic... but can't stop vaping it. Just one more drag.

This liquid should steep for a minimum of a week to tone down the tobacco, bring out the vanilla and bakery notes, and generally round out the flavour.

A study in Apricot

Sherlock Holmes seemed delighted at the idea of sharing his rooms with me.

"I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street," he said, "which would suit us down to the ground. You don't mind the smell of strong tobacco, I hope?"

"Actually, I vape, myself," I answered.

Excerpt (slightly paraphrased) from A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle