VG | PG Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol in 250mL bottles

VG/PG is used by vapers in Australia who are looking to make their own e-liquid. Both Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol make the base of all vape juice, along with flavour concentrates and nicotine. 

You can also find that it is used for diluting premixed concentrates such as the Dinner Lady range or doublers. 

The benefit of purchasing a concentrate or doubler as opposed to the common Read-To-Vape (RTV) e-liquids is the ability to add in liquid nicotine at your desired strength without compromising the flavour. This is due to reducing the amount of VG/PG in relation to concentrate.

Concentrates could be likened to cordial, and with that analogy by adding less water or in this instance VGPG you have as much or as little flavour from your vape as desired.

There are many other factors to which the use of doubler or DIY Ejuice with concentrates is beneficial. 

  • The type of atomiser or vape kit you are using. Pod kits or any device with a higher resistance (above 1.0Ω) uses significantly less e-liquid run at a lower wattage. This means you may require a stronger concentration or flavours and/or liquid nicotine. Most RTV E-Liquid are designed for Sub-Ohm atomisers.
  • Adding nicotine will dilute the flavour, especially those who prefer a higher mg/ml of Liquid Nicotine. It is recommended when choosing nicotine it is suspended in a 100% PG Base to avoid hotspots when mixing.

We offer Ivanna Vape ™s own VG/PG at a great price. The e-liquid base is available in a handy 250mL, bottled in a certified clean room with a variety of ratios.

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Available in a variety of ratios.